• PIANO ACADEMIE is a school of piano based in 2015 by the pianist concert performer Mi Young Lee.

    This school is at the same time the fruit of more than 20 years of practice of education of the piano and that of the narratives of disappointments and regrets of people having abandoned the piano for lack of having received a personalized education.

    The school is then built according to educational principles centred on 4 major points which follow:

    • The pleasure is put at the heart of the learning,
    • fast progress is necessary to maintain the pleasure to play,
    • The use of the imagination of the pupils to work the musicality from the beginning of the  learning,
    • Play in public (concerts, hospitals, retirement homes, stations, …) from the first months of learning

    The courses address the people of all the ages.


    • For the youngest, from 3 to 5 years old, the school proposes lessons of musical awakening. The young children discover by having fun then:
      • The well-known composers (Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin, …),
      • The major works (operas, symphonies, ballet, piano, …),
      •  The various musical instruments by invited soloists (violin, flute, cello, clarinet,
      • The first notions of music theory.
    • From 5 years, courses of piano are then proposed according to two formulas :
      • Classes in small groups of 2 or 3 pupils, who allow the young apprentices to learn with one or two friends.
      • Private individual classes for those who prefer to work alone.
    • Courses for Adults
      • The adults work from the beginning works of the classic directory which they like.

    The school proposes only private lessons for this category of age.


    Within two years the school became an important actor of the 16th district of Paris. PIANO ACADEMIE already counts today 350 pupils.

    The youngest pupil is 3 years old, the oldest pupil is 85 years old. We record approximately two new registrations a week.

    The school counts 25 professors, of 6 different nationalities, all formed in the method of our academy today.

    Our school is located on 3 sites next to the Trocadéro.