• Flute and violin lessons

    At the request of a number of parents, Mrs. LEE decided to apply her learning method to flute and violin lessons.
    Learning the piano is essential to the good practice of these two instruments.

    The school offers violin / flute lessons in the following formats:

    • Individual lessons :
      • Duration: 1 hour
        • Rate: 50€ per hour
    • Group lessons of 1h30 at the piano school 
      • The courses take place according to the following procedure: 
        • 30 minutes of piano lessons 
        • 30 minutes on flute or violin 
        • 30 minutes of solfeggio 
        • The proposed rate is then 45 Euros per child for 1h30 of class.



    • The commitment is required for the school year.

    For young children, we recommend that parents rent violins and flutes adapted to the size of the children.