• Our experience shows that there are a number of reasons why your child needs to take private lessons.

    • Your child has been playing the piano for a few years now and is able to follow the teaching of a teacher without difficulty for an hour ;
    •  Group classes do not match your child's personality ;
    • You prefer to take  course at your home ;
    • You want your child to take several classes week.

    The individual courses are then given by our professors with a method that follows the following principles:

    •  The proposed method is identical to that followed by students taking courses at our premises ;
    •  Students learn by following the scores created by our piano Academy ;
    • The same regular checks are imposed on children ;
    •  Participation in the end of year concert is mandatory ;

    Individual courses take place either in our premises or at the student's home.

    The duration of the course is one hour. During the course hour, pupil will work in addition to the piano, his music theory.

  • Two hearings are held during the school year. The objective of these hearings is to:

    • To allow the child to play in public ;
    • To allow Ms LEE to monitor the progress of each student, and to personalize the teaching given to the child ;
    • Allow parents to share the joy of seeing their child progress with other parents of the Piano Academy community ;
    • To allow everyone to meet Mi-Young LEE.
  • Adele - 8 years old - started the piano at 5 years old.