• The professors are at the heart of the project of Mi-Young Lee. The quality of our courts cannot be guaranteed without a complete membership of the teachers to the pedagogy wanted by PIANO ACADEMIE. 

    We so have a program of recruitment, training and evaluation set up which allows to propose to the pupils of our academy a quality level of homogeneous education.

  • The training of the professors

    After their selection, the professors do a training course with Mi-Young Lee.

    The first part of training is dedicated to the method of learning proposed by Mi-Young Lee. This method is applied with all the pupils, the children or the adults.

    The second part is dedicated to specific pedagogy for the children:

    • Text books are then all peeled by insisting on the result waited after every lesson.
    • The videos of the courts are viewed.
    • The new teachers attend then courses given to the school.
  • Their first courses will then be given in double, with a professor referent who will help them adjust their method.

    In environment and at the end of the year school, a day of training in a group is made by the set of the teachers and Mi-Young Lee. Each so shares the experiences and proposes axes of improvement. The changes are so adopted by the teaching staff.

  • Teachers evaluation

    The evaluation of the professors is made for various levels: 

    • The return of the pupils or the parents. 

    We invite every pupil or every pupil's parent to go back up us as soon as possible the various remarks which they could have. So much on the quality of the education, the made progress either the behavior of the professor. 

    These returns are immediately taken into account and so necessary we let us get in touch with the pupils or the parents to understand well the origin of the problem.

    • The evaluation by the Academy

     PIANO ACADEMIE controls the progress of the pupils as follow:

    • After every courses: the professors send to the academy a video of what was learnt by the pupil.
    • Every month: the professors send a report formalized of the lesson.
    • Twice a year: we control during the courses. Our educational person in charge assists then the course and estimates the professor following a railing organized by Mrs Lee.
    • Concerts:

    Two concerts are realized for the children on the school year. These concerts are very naturally prepared by the children with their professor.

    Mi-Young Lee attends both hearings notice then the progress made by the pupils and estimates at this moment the efficiency of the professors.

  • A questionnaire is put back to the end of every year to the parents to allow them to formalize their remarks.

  • Our Teachers

  • Sophie Sczepanek


    Née en Allemagne, elle a fait ses études de pédagogie du piano à la Folkwang université des arts, Essen (classe de Till Engel). Ayant obtenu son diplôme, elle a poursuivi par le master "duo vocal / accompagnement de chanteurs au piano" (classe de Xaver Poncette).

    Grace à une bourse de l'OFAJ, elle a pu compléter sa formation au Pôle Supérieur de Paris Boulogne-Billancourt. Depuis 2014 elle est boursière de la fondation Live Music Now Yehudi Menuhin.

    Sophie Sczepanek a effectué des enregistrements "live" pour la radio en Allemagne (WDR2) et en France, et joué entre autres dans la philharmonie d'Essen et à la Cité de la Musique à Paris. Son axe principal est - en plus de son travail pédagogique - l'accompagnement de chanteurs classiques : solistes, duos, ensembles vocaux et choeurs. Depuis quelques années elle partage son passion pour le piano et la musique classique avec des enfants et des adultes aux conservatoires en Allemagne et depuis 2016 à Piano Académie Paris.

  • Bo-Kyung KIM


    En 2015 Bo-Kuyng entre en cycle Post-Graduate au Mozarteum

    2012-2015 Études au Mozarteum en formation Piano-Soliste, dans la classe de Jacques ROUVIER - Obtient au Master mention très bien à l’unanimité

    2011-2013 Études à la Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, dans la classe d’Abdel Rahman El BACHA - Obtient le Diplôme Artistique

    2011-2012 Études au CRR de Rueil-Malmaison, dans la classe de Chantal RIOU - Obtient le prix de Virtuosité mention très bien à l’unanimité

    2010-2011 Études au CRR de Rueil-Malmaison, dans la classe de Chantal RIOU - Obtient le prix d’Excellence mention très bien à l’unanimité

    2008-2010 Études au CRR de Paris, dans la classe d’Olivier GARDON - Obtient le Diplôme d’ Études Musicales Supérieures (DEMS) mention très bien à l’unanimité

    2008-2010 Études au CRR de Marseille en Classe de préparation aux concours internationaux, dans la classe de Bruno RIGUTTO

  • Hui Ryeong Park

    Professeur de Piano et de flûte

    Hui Ryeong PARK was born in South Korea in a family of musicians and takes a very early piano. Showing real skills, she is quickly spotted by her professors who encourage her to make her passion her a profession. Hui Ryeong also plays the flute. In Korea, she obtained certificate of teaching piano. A graduate of  Piano at Conservatory at the Versailles, Hui Ryeong teaches today to young and old with the greatest pleasure.

  • Mun hui Lee

    Piano teacher

    Professor of piano, method of composition, classical music theory and solfeggio.

    Mon Hui finished his Master of composition in classical music at the Yonsei University in Seoul (South Korea) in 2011.

    Mon Hui has taught for more than ten years in South Korea, and also in Australia. She is also an accompanist pianist and arranger for a Korean band.

  • Maria Koudelina

    Piano and Violon teacher

    Maria begins the violin and the piano very early in Belarus. A violin virtuoso, she also continues to teach children piano. Maria also teaches at the Russian school in Paris.

  • Ariane Demange

    Piano teacher

    At the age of 5, Ariane attended a musical training at Bordeaux Regional Conservatory. After studying trade and  foray into the world of work, she decided to return to her first vocation, the piano.

    She then began to jazz, and then taught at the Conservatory and the cultural centre in Courbevoie. She perfected herself in parallel with the Rachmaninoff Conservatory in Irene Mathis ' class. Noticed by the German master, Theodor Breu, she is currently completing his training as a concertist with him. In parallel, Ariane Demange composes. One of his compositions can be heard (Place Saint Germain) on the DVD "It's happening in Saint Germain near" by Ahmet Gulbay.

  • Hyewon HA


    Born in South Korea, Hyewon begins the piano at the age of 4. After studying in the arts, she moved to France where she finished a complete cycle of study at the CRR of  Versailles in piano, the pianoforte, accompaniment (chorale, instrumental) and music room .

    It now occurs in many theatres in France and abroad.

  • Yebin LEE

    Piano teacher

    Yebin LEE was born in South Korea in a family of musicians. She loves before anything can share her passion for music with other people. 

    As her mother was a piano teacher, Yebin assisted her very early by caring for children and adults. A graduate of Piano at the Conservatory of Versailles, she specializes in Baroque music. 

  • Brune Chirac

    Piano and theater teacher

    Brune begins the piano at the age of 9 of Conservatory Emile Gill in the Limousin. During her musical career, in addition to the music theory and the choir, she introduces herself to the violin, the drums and organizes chamber concerts with her friends.

    At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and left aside the piano lessons for her studies in the literary prep class. But his passion for art soon resumed and she enrolled at the Sorbonne in theatrical studies and entered the 6th arrondissement Conservatory in drama and music.

    She then participates in various projects as an actress, takes a liking to the dramatic writing, the play,  staging and obtains her license at the university and her two certificates in theatre and music at the Conservatory.

    Being a piano teacher is a way for Brune to tie her two artistic passions: to transmit music through play, playfully and imaginatively, to have fun while being serious to awaken his senses and creative spirit.

  • Servanne Bedel

    Piano teacher

    Bathed in a family setting teaching piano, Servanne began voluntarily at four years at the Conservatory in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). She subsequently took courses in the class of  Stefan Cassar, Lyon for six years, before arriving in Paris for his studies. Servanne loves children very much, having often had the opportunity to take care of them. She wants to teach them, to communicate and to make them live her passion: music.

  • Yi Hsui

    Concertist and piano teacher

    Yi Hsiu, was born in Taipei TAIWAN in a family of musicians and begins the piano at the age of 4. After nine years of teaching piano in Taiwan, she left for France to improve herself. For ten years she led career as a concertist and teacher in Touraine, before coming to settle in 2015 in Paris region.

  • Thomas Turinay

    Piano teacher

    Born in Paris and originally from Martinique, Thomas TURINAY started the piano at the age of 6. He then joined the Maurice Ravel Conservatory of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, formed in the class of Carine ZARIFIAN.

    After a stint in the class of Christophe BUKUDJIAN, he obtained his certificate of End of musical studies at the piano in 2008 at the age of 16, with the "Mention very well unanimously of the jury". It also follows a percussion formation.

    At the same time, Thomas TURINAY performs his school curriculum in accordance with his passion. It was at Lycée Claude MONET that he passed his literary baccalaureate option musique, integrating the class led by Joël Marc. This allows him to participate in musical projects in Germany and Italy.

    Thomas TURINAY won the 1st prize in the Steinway & Sons competition in his category in 2002. He is invited to perform at UNESCO. He goes into a Jazz music club for a year. In 2011, he played as teenage actor in the play "Future/No Future" by Gilles Martin.

    A graduate in law, it is between the study of classical music, listening to the Caribbean melodies and the practice of jazz that Thomas TURINAY finds his flourishing.