• PIANO ACADEMIE school is growing and the level of our students gives us great satisfaction.

    Since September 2018, we have decided, to accompany your children on the path to excellence, to allow some of our young pianists to participate in international competitions.

    We do not want to turn children into competition animals, but simply to offer those who wish and can, a curriculum that allows them to work more intensively and also to progress more quickly.

    In 2018, a first group of 6 children aged 6 to 8 years was formed. The progress made after a year of preparation is impressive.

    Even if the primary objective is not to win prizes, the results are already there!

    • Gabrielle has already won a first prize at the London International Competition.
      3 children participate in the Milan International Competition.

    We invite you to browse some of the children's videos we have posted online!

  • Curriculum

    The curriculum we offer is aimed at children aged 5 to 10 who are already at level 2 or "Intermediate" of our school. Our teachers, who have already participated in international competitions, will coach them throughout the year.

    • In 2019, we have pre-selected 3 competitions that allow us to prepare an identical program:
      Clementi Junior Piano Competition (March 23, 2019)
      International Youth Piano Competition (date not yet fixed - end of April 2019) l
      Piano Talents (early June 2019)

    As you know, the Piano Academy team, through the personality and pianistic background of Mi Young Lee, its director, and its teachers, is very aware of the requirements of international competitions. The curriculum we are proposing to prepare for the three very high-level competitions we have selected must be commensurate with what is being offered in other countries.

    In order to be able to compete honourably in these international competitions, we will ask children who wish to register to make a continuous and very sustained effort. This effort will be reflected in their participation in:

    • Ten Master classes (3 hours on Saturday afternoons - about twice a month). These classes will be organized until the competitions.
    • At least one intensive internship at the school (3 hours per day, 5 days per internship during the February and April 2019 school holidays) Participation in both internships is recommended.
    • Additional courses by WebCall - "Allô Piano" - twice a week. From November 12 to June 07.
  • London - February 2019

    Thank you to Gabrielle, Valentine, Megan, Adèle and Gabriel the brave candidates for this year's competitions in the 6 to 8 year old category.

  • Milano - June 2019

    3 children fly to Milan with Mi-Young LEE.

    A very intense day where rehearsals and auditing follow one another. A lot of emotion for our students and what an enrichment! The children play in front of the jury and a packed room.

    The competition is of a very high level and our young students, without losing any merit, are measuring all the ground they still have to cover if one day they want to win the competition. The victory is already here. This experience is exceptional!

    The winner in the 8 - 9 year old category has largely earned his place. This is not his first competition and it will certainly not be his last. Far from having deserved it, the children get the following places:

    • Category C: 8 years old:
      • Gabrielle: 3rd prize 
      • Adèle: Merit Mention
    • Category A: 6 years
      • Gabriel: 2nd prize