• Classes are held every week at the Ranelagh Theater in Paris.

    Registration is for one semester or for the entire school year for 28 (Saturdays) to 33 (Fridays) courses.

    The price is 20 Euros, all taxes included.


    Other charges:

    You will need to add following fees for any school year registration:

    • 50 Euro registration costs ;
    • Cost of participation at end of the year concert: 50 Euros ;
    • Partitions to buy: About 30 euros per year (the number of partitions to be purchased varies depending on the speed of the child's progression).

    Ease of payment:

    • Payment can be made in several times ;
    • Payment will also be made online by credit card on each invoice.

    Cancellation Terms:

    Commitment is requested for a school year.

    No reimbursement can be requested for any cancellation.

    Course Schedule:

    •  Courses start the week of September 11, 2017 and end the last week of June 2018 ;
    • Classes are not held during school holidays ;
    • Classes do not take place on Saturdays from the beginning of the school holidays.
  • The Academy has created two scores specifically for this course.

    Each score is sold 20 Euros.


    Partitions can be ordered separately by contacting our academy directly. The score is designed to allow parents or grandparents to initiate their own children or grandchildren.