• Mi-Young Lee, born in South Korea, began her first piano classes here and later won first place at the University of Kyun-Hee in Seoul following the jury’s unanimous decision.
    In 2000 she was chosen by many international concert artists and soon after invited to the Ecole Normale de Musique (Normal School of Music) in Paris where she quickly won many first place prices for her performances.

    During this period, the young pianist started her career as an international soloist. 
    At this point in her career, Theodor Breu, the only disciple of the great Katchen, decided to dedicate himself to the young artist’s blossoming talent. The German master saw that romantic passion in his student threatened neither the metallic clarity of the performance nor her virtuosity. She finally felt her redevelopment, at the detriment of her sentimentalism that had tainted her romantic repertoire. Without manners or schemes but nevertheless certainty in those who listen to Mi-Young Lee that the music reaches the score’s authenticity as well as the composer himself.
    Furthermore it was during this time that the young Asian pianist bathed in the German dream forged her character as this artist had nothing to do with that of the deception of our propinquity society. Her humility and generosity reveal that she does not need to deceive her audience. One listening to her work recognizes both the violent storms of the Pacific Ocean and the calm of the Oberman Valley in Mi-Young Lee.