• Distance learning – ALLO Piano!

  • Advanced training courses

    Since the beginning of the 2018 academic year, our school is proud to offer its students distance learning courses.

    The regularity of piano playing is a key factor in the speed of children's progress. At the same time, it is crucial to be able to correct bad habits on a song. Bad fingering, bad hand position, etc...

    Our school has developed a method that allows 5 minutes a day to assist families on the two key points mentioned above.

    • Every day at a fixed time, a teacher calls the student in a video call.
    • The student then plays the piece he or she is studying. (Her phone showing her hands).
    • The teacher corrects and encourages the child.
    • This bracket is available as an option.


    The results are such that it has the effectiveness of a 2nd private lesson per week. We systematically offer it to our best students and to those who have difficulty following it!


    Two options are available to families:

    1. Formula 4 calls per week: one call every working day except the day of the course taken at school
    2. Formula 2 calls per week: one call every 2 working days except on the day of the course taken at the school


    It is important to respect the regularity of calls for the method to be effective.
    We ask for one commitment per quarter.