• Registration is done on a school year. (About 30 courses).

    You can choose to take private lessons. The rate is then 50 Euros TTC per hour of course.

    This rate is valid for the course to be delivered to your home or to our premises.

    Principle of tax reduction:

    For all courses taken at your home, you can benefit from a reduction of 50% amount of the courses in the form of reduction or tax credit. PIANO ACADEMIE SERVICES (SIREN 828 163 865) is registered as a home service company.

    At  beginning of each year, you will receive tax attestation written by us which will allow you to benefit from a reduction or a tax credit of 50% of the sums paid in the previous year.

    Attention, the courses must be delivered to your home and not to the premises of our academy.

    Other charges:

    You will need to add following fees for any school year registration:

    • 50 Euro registration costs.

    Ease of payment:

    • Payment can be made in several times ;
    • Payment will also be made online by credit card on each invoice.

    Cancellation Terms:

     Commitment is requested for a school year.

    Cancellation of a particular course must be at least 48 hours before the course. The course must be caught up within two weeks after the cancellation in agreement with the teacher. No reimbursement can be requested. If the cancellation comes from the teacher, then the course will have to be caught up in the same way.

    Course Schedule:

    • Courses start the week of September 11, 2017 and end the last week of June 2018 ;
    • Classes are not held during school holidays ;
    • Classes do not take place on Saturdays from the beginning of the school holidays.