• Adults and children need immediate results. No way to wait five years to be able to play a Chopin waltz.

    Mi-Young LEE has thus perfected his method of learning to allow everyone to play a major work of the classical repertory very quickly.

    How many times, she may have heard, "I'm too old to get started", "I don't have time to spend two hours a day", etc...

    The first step is therefore to choose with the pupil the first piece that he wants to know how to play. Here no pink method or other simplified pieces.

    Then the pupil learns gradually and methodically to play his piece to get to play it with all the required musicality.

    This method allows you to learn how to play a Chopin's Nocturnal in less than three months for example.

    Age does not pose problem. It is true that as we get older, it will be more difficult to play very swift passages. Fortunately the classical repertory offers many works that allow everyone to find his happiness.

    Some also prefer to apply to varieties. Again, no problem. Here you are here to make you happy. That's the main thing. Our job and our know-how are to make you progress quickly.

    Are you still sceptical? Take a course from one of our students at the academy. Talk, swap. Nothing replaces the testimony of those who preceded you.

    Students are invited to make their first concert after one year! This is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

  • L. Bertiau in concert after one year of lessons.

  • Christophe après 6 mois de cours